Weekend Recap RunNB
March 19th, 2018

Despite the snow and still-cold temperatures, the road race season has begun. Two of the province's early spring road races took place this past weekend, the Pete's Pub St. Paddy's Day Dash in Saint John, and the Miramichi March 5km in Miramichi.

At the Pete's Pub St. Paddy's Day Dash:

- On the men's side, Dean Strowbridge covered the 3.7kms in a time of 12:38 to win the event, followed by Alex Bates in a time of 15:02, and Joe Cormier in 17:38.

- On the women's side, Marcie Holland won the event in a time of 15:38, followed by Maryro Mendez in a time of 17:09, and Amélie Aikman in 17:37.

The event featured a total of 63 participants

Results are not currently posted but will be soon.

At the Miramichi March 5km:

- Jean-Marc Doiron and fiancé Anouk Pelletier, both of Moncton, won the men's and women's races, respectively, and both broke the existing course records. Doiron ran a blistering time of 15:33 while Pelletier ran a time of 18:33. 

- Bryan Thomas of North Tetagouche claimed silver in the men's race with a time of 15:56, while Kip Jackson of Sackville claimed bronze with a time of 16:43. On the women's side, Danielle Keefe of Fredericton claimed silver with a time of 18:44, while Johanna Borris of Miramichi claimed bronze with a time of 19:31.

The event featured a total of 53 participants.

Full results to the Miramichi March 5km can be found here: events.runnb.ca/results/march-5k/1294/

"It is great to see so many of our province's runners enjoying the early spring road race season despite the cold temperatures," said Gabriel LeBlanc, Executive Director of Run New Brunswick. "To see Jean-Marc and Anouk finish with course record times at the Miramichi 5km, being closely followed by Bryan and Danielle, shows great early season results."

By: Brandon Scott LeBlanc