NBers at the 113th Boston Marathon
6th Annual
2009 Boston Predictions

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Gilles's Pick
Gilles Gautreau - Rothesay, NB

This year, 75 New Brunswickers will line up in Hopkinton on Monday April 20th. The 2009 NB delegation includes a mix of first timers (e.g.Dixon, Power, Johnson, Mercer, Kelly) and a bunch of veterans (e.g. Caron, Travis, Herron, O'Brien, Levesque). I look forward to watching some friendly competition between our marathoners. I predict a heated battle between Herron and Dixon for the top spot, and race for third spot between Lohnes, Jamer, Doucet and Dallaire.

The purpose of our picks is to highlight some of NB’s possible front runners. We realize everyone has trained hard for Boston and RunNB knows all 75 runners will proudly represent Team NB.

On behalf of RunNB, I wish all a personal best and fun trip in Boston.

Gilles Gautreau
RunNB Chairperson

1. John Herron - This is John seventh kick at the can and he's been top five several times. Herron doesn't only have the best qualifiying time, he's going to Boston relatively well prepared and near his best fitness. The 44 year old will be bringing experience and confidence allowing him to adjust to most conditions that New England weather will bring.

2. Chuck Dixon - According to my source, this Sackville native has got some good training runs and time trials this winter that should prepare him well for Boston. My prediction is that he will be ahead of Herron at half. The reason he's ranked second is because of his lack of Boston experience. That said, I know Chuck is going to Beantown prepared and ready to lay it all on the line. Dixon will be hard to beat if he's ahead at 21 miles with quads intact.

3. Steve Lohnes - Lohnes's marathon style is unassuming but very effective. Steve is one of the few marathon runner I know who runs even halves. That said, the Boston course profile is not the best marathon for running the "Even Stephen" style. The Hampton runner's goal in my opinion, is to get to the other side of Heartbreak Hill feeling like he did at both his 2008 Fall marathons.

4. Murray Jamer - My source have indicated that this Fredericton runner has executed a discipline marathon training this winter. I have to admit, I'm going on a tip but it was clear that the 54 year old Jamer was focused.

5. Bernie Doucet - I'm told by runners who have run with Bernie this winter, that the Fredericton runner is fit and running well. I'm confident that if Doucet gets to the start line feeling positive, a sub-3:10 is a real possiblity.

6. John Dallaire - This Moncton athlete approach to marathoning is preparation and his natural sporting acumen. John ran Boston in 2008 with almost perfectly even 5K splits. If things go as planned for John on April 20th in Boston, I believe he can better his 3:13 from last year.

7. Tim Wright - My knowlegde of this Woodstock runner is limited to his 3:08 time in Lowell. At 35, we could continue to see his time improve. A sub 3:08 is possible if his Boston training this winter was well planned.

8. Michael Thompson - My source in Moncton said that Thompson is new to this province. I was also told that Micheal is an impressive runner.

9. Darrell Travis - Darrell is running his 13th consecutive Boston marathon. Since I regularly run with this Hampton River Runner, I know he's running healthy even after a bad fall on this winter's icy roads . The 49 year old Travis could run the course blind folded. I feel that this will be "lucky 13" for Darrell.

10. Robert Leblanc - Robert may sound like a long shot to some but my discussion with him revealed that he's in his best shape ever. Plus the Moncton native has improved his Boston time for four consecutive years. I predict another PB for this 51 year old.

My prediction on the female draw is a bit of guess work. The only runners I've seen training during the harsh winter is Maggie and Vicki in the Saint John area. My Fredericton and Moncton informants had little intel on the females running 113th Boston Marathon.

1. Maggie Johnson - Quispamsis, NB | 31 | F - Maggie's combination of experience and discipline should serve her well in Boston.
2. Kyna Squarey - Moncton, NB |37 F | - I believe Kyna is new to NB and the little info I received is that she's a natural at running.
3. Brenda Guitard - Saint John, NB |42 | F
4. Sarah Zuidhof - Fredericton, NB, 31 | F
5. Vicki Woods - Quispamsis, NB | 42 | F - Has run Boston twice and ran very well last year. A PB will make her competive for top spot.
6. Silvy Moleman - Fredericton, NB | 35 | F
7. Natalie Arsenault - Moncton, NB | 29 | F - Source told me she was spotted training with intensity.
8. Connie Coffin - Saint John, NB | 40 | F - My observation of Connie is gutsy approach to getting the job done. Note: I ranked her higher than her husband (Alex). :-)
9. Carrie Punna - Moncton, NB | 37 F
10. Marta Kelly - Saint John, NB | 40 | F - Marta is bringing inspiration (her 70 year old dad Frank). Go Kelly's!


Hans's Picks
Hans Laltoo - Moncton, NB

After another tough winter in New Brunswick, spring inevitably arrives and with it comes a highlight for many marathoners --- Boston! This year we are once again well represented with 75 NB'ers set to go on April 20th in Hopkinton. As per recent tradition, here are my picks for 2009.

1. John Herron - John is a seasoned Boston veteran and is carrying the flag for us this year.He ran a 3:04:04 in Boston last year and followed that up with a 2:57:49 in New York in November. Look for a solid sub three hour time.
2. Chuck Dixon - Chuck is a talented young runner who is just reaching his marathon potential after running well at shorter distances. He nailed a breakthrough time of 2:58:27 at the PEI marathon last October. As a first
timer in Boston, he will have to pace himself well.
3. Steve Lohnes - Ran four marathons last year, with three of them under 3:05. The exception was Boston. I look for redemption this year.
4. Bernie Doucet- Many of you have probably never heard of this unassuming guy who is quietly developing into a serious talent. He has run three marathons and has progressed rapidly. His training is going well by all
reports and he should reap the rewards in Boston.
5. Dean Mercer - Had a great run in Saint John with a time of 3:11 on a course that many consider tougher than Boston.
6. Murray Jamer -Another runner that flies under the radar. He has a sub 3:09 qualifying time and reportedly has been putting in high mileage in the lead up to Boston. That'll help him in the Newton Hills.
7. Tim Wright- I don't know much about this Woodstock based runner, however he has improved his marathon time from 3:25 to 3:08 within the past year.
8. Darrell Travis - Is running his 13th consecutive Boston. He knows the course as well as anyone and is the embodiment of the term "seasoned veteran". He trains with the prestigious Saint John group--"Gautreau,
Herron, Price and Associates" and is battle-tested and ready.
9. John Dallaire -"Johnny-Boy" is a steady disciplined runner who brings his"A" game to Boston. He's fit, healthy and gunning to better his 3:13 time from last year.
10. Gary Roach - This runner moved to Fredericton from Ontario recently so not much is known about him locally. He ran a 3:12 in Ottawa last year.

Other notables - Some of the other runners who can easily post a top ten finish include:
Mike Thompson - A tough, inspired runner who may be the best bet to move up
Robert Leblanc - Very fit. Should be a lock for a new PB.
Bob Forbes - Bob rises to the challenge that is Boston. He always seems to run well here.
Look for good results also from John Culligan and Claude Degrace.

1. Brenda Guitard - Last year in Boston she ran an impressive 3:22.
2. Maggie Johnson - Can easily be number one. A real toss-up here.
3.Kyna Squarey - A natural talent, she ran two great marathons last year.
4. Vicki Wood- Ran well on the windy Moncton course last November.
5.Sarah Zuidhof -

Other Notables - Silvy Moleman, Gisela Roux, Natalie Arsenault, Jeannie

Kudos to first time qualifiers Richard Bennett, Raymond Caissie, Darrell Wilkins and Sylvio Bourque, and to all the New Brunswick contingent... Best of luck in Boston!!


Alex's Picks
Alex Coffin - Saint John, NB
Alex Coffin

1. Charles Dixon - Sackville, NB 38 M - Youth trumps age. Dixon takes out Herron in a tight battle!
2. John Herron - Bloomfield, NB 44 M - John may surprise if he wears a Boston Bruins Cap for crowd energy!!
3. Steve Lohnes - Hampton, NB 49 M - Steve comes close to Herron but the Bruins Cap outdoes the Red Sox Cap!!
4. David Macleod - Fredericton, NB 50 M - David almost breaks the top 3 in an effort to do well in his age category
5. Murray Jamer - Fredericton, NB 54 M - Murray zones in on David and has a season best at Boston
6. Tim Wright - Woodstock, NB 35 M - Tim wears his Boston medal at the Charley Pride concert this summer!
7. Michel Belliveau - Moncton NB 27 M - Michel gets booed for wearing a Montreal Canadiens Cap but draws energy from a woman wearing a Habs jersey at the 21 Mile Mark:)
8. John Culligan - Belledune NB 45 M - John loses 10 minutes by delaying at Wellesley College!!
9. Dean Mercer - Rothesay NB 36 M - Dean rocks the hills but also loses 10 minutes at Wellesley College!!
10. Bernie Doucet - Fredericton, NB 41 M - Bernie doesn't wear a Habs Cap but also loses 10 minutes at Wellesley College!!

1. Brenda Guitard - Saint John, NB 42 F - Maggie is going to kill me but I have a feeling that Brenda is going to smoke Boston!!
2. Maggie Johnson - Quispamsis, NB 31 F - Maggie and Brenda are going to both have great times!!!
3. Natalie Arsenault - Moncton NB 29 F - Natalie will certainly go for #1 if she's had a good winter training!!
4. Kyna Squarey - Moncton, NB 37 F - Dr Squarey has a solid top 5 spacing!!
5. Vicki Woods - Quispamsis, NB 42 F - Vicki is ready and nips Sarah Z!!
6. Sarah Zuidh - Fredericton, NB 31 F - Sarah Z was ahead of Vicki but the hill training in SJ gets Vicki ahead in Newton!!
7. Gisela Roux - Miramichi, NB 34 F - I'm taking Gisela over Silvy because I think PEI was the tougher qualifier!!
8. Silvy Moleman - Fredericton, NB 35 F - Silvy joins the rest of the women under 3:30!!
9. Connie Coffin - Saint John, NB 40 F - Coach Ed provides the inspiration for Connie to break the top 10
10. Patricia Ketterling - Douglas, NB 51 F - Pat cracks the top 10 in an effort for a solid 50-59 age category placing!!


Bruce's Picks
Bruce Guitard - Balmoral, NB

This years NB marathon crew headed to BEANTOWN, includes "Inspiration, Youth, Years of Determination, Wisdom, Experience, and a mix of Boston ROOKIES and VETERAN leadership".

Running this prestigious course from Hopkinton, to Boston carries lots of history, and the atmosphere can be overwhelming, and at times intimidating for first timers in unfamiliar territory. Veteran experience may be the slight advantage as to who takes the seat as first NB'er this year.

I am with Gautreau and Latoo for a heated battle between the ROOKIE from Sackville Chuck Dixon and Bloomfield's John Herron. If anyone surprises it will be Hampton's

On the women's side even it's her first time in Boston, I think Maggie Johnson will bring her game face as top female only minutes ahead of Brenda Guitard.

I will be cheering for everyone from home this year and look forward to watching our marathoners represent NB proud !!!

Congratulations on this accomplishment and enjoy your experience!!!

And here's my pick's

Bruce "Gabby" Guitard

1. John Herron - Bloomfield, NB -This is Herron's chance to take the cake as top Male NB'er. Will it be lucky #7 for Herron ? With his confidence, mental toughness, and experience of running in the unpredictable weather of Beantown I believe he has a lot on his side to hold off Dixon.

2. Chuck Dixon - Sackville, NB - This Sackville native certainly has put in the work to get to where he is today. When I seen him come up through the ranks I was not surprised. With
patience and determination he put up the results he did last year including a Sub 3 hour marathon in PEI. Mostly training alone, rumour has it he's ran in Moncton this
winter someone carrying the last name Stacey. If he respects the course and runs with patience he could surprise us all and take #1 spot.

3. Steve Lohnes - Hampton, NB - Lohnes's has some unfinished business in Boston. Posting a 3:57 in 2007 and a 3:21 in 2008, it's redemption time. With a PB of 3:02:26 in NYC last
year, Lohnes knows how to get it done, but will need some NITRO left in the tank and not let Heartbreak hill BREAK him this year, in order to give Herron and Dixon a run
for their money. I agree with Gautreau that he can't run his "Even Stephen" style in order to post a good result.

4. Murray Jamer - Fredericton, NB - The young 54 year old brings many years of experience to the Boston start line. A very focused, humble and quiet man, whom I trust will speak loud with
his result this year. If Murray has done the prep. work I hear he did, than he should have a solid performance.

5. Bernie Doucet - Fredericton, NB - With his mad ultimate Frisbee skills he could sneak by everyone and surprise us all. Not sure if this Freddy Beach runners is still sporting the beard, but if he goes to New England razor clean, he could SHAVE off (no pun intended) another 5 minutes. On a serious note I have duked it out with Bernie before and if he brings
that game face, he could possibly PB.

6. John Dallaire - Moncton, NB - Tthe very comedic and always good for a laugh Dallaire and his recipe of having fun has helped him post some great results including his 3:13 in 08. Look
for him to best that time this year.

7. Darrell Travis - Hampton, NB - Travis takes the lucky No. 7th spot. With this being his 13th consecutive return to Boston and it being the 113th year of the marathon let's hope it turns
out to be his lucky year. From start to finish he knows this course inside out, Enough said !! this is your year Darrell !!!

8th, 9th and 10th overall will be between - Woodstock's Tim Wright, Moncton's Michel Belliveau & Michael Thompson new to the NB scene, and Quispam's Dean
Mercer who ROCKED out Marathon By the Sea last year with a 3:11

1. Maggie Johnson - Quispamsis, NB - I am confident that Maggie's first time in Boston will be impressive. Her drive, dedication to training and experience will pay off in

2. Brenda Guitard - Saint John, NB - Guitard has experience from the 3:22 she posted last year. She will surely want to best that and I am confident she will be with Maggie's every step of the way from Hopkinton to Boston.

3.Kyna Squarey - Moncton, NB - I don't have much on Squarey, but to say she posted a 3:22 and 3:25 in 2 marathon's last year. If she brings the right Marathon Medicine top 3 will not be a surprise.

4. Vicki Woods - Quispamsis, NB - with a 3rd return to Boston and gaining experience every year a see a PB in Vicki's return to Boston.

5. Sarah Zuidhof - Fredericton, NB - looking to run sub 3:30 Zuidhof breaks the top five on this challenging Boston course !!

6. Silvy Moleman - Fredericton, NB - Moleman slides in just behind Sarah.

7. Natalie Arsenault - Moncton, NB - I am just going on her 3:32 from Moncton's leg's for Literacy in 2007. But with posting a time like that in the year of the storm for Leg's I would not be surprised to see her post a stronger time.

8. Connie Coffin - Saint John, NB - with good advice from close experience resources, Connie will put together a great run to break the top 10.

9. Lisa Flewelling - Saint John, NB - this proven top NB triathlete and IRONMAN finisher, will be running her first Boston. Flewelling is disciplined, trains hard and give it her 110% at every event. I have her in 9th, but would not be surprised if she breaks top 5 if her long distance multisport experience pays off.

10. Marta Kelly - Saint John, NB - breaking the top 10 Marta, will not be the only Kelly amongst the 20 thousand participants. 70 years young Dad Frank Kelly will be running in the same footsteps as her who qualified for this years 113th event as well. Now that's inspiration !!!

Other notables - John "Belldune" Culligan represent part of the North Shore Contingency, along side Roger "Candy Lover" Levesque, and Alain "the Marathon Machine"
who is well over 150 marathon's now. Robert Leblanc who has shown improvement and posted a faster time in 4 consecutive years. Sylvio Bourque - The Grand
Digue 15k organizer and well know arm wrestler who also ran NYC last year, is sure to promote our NB run scene and do us proud. Jerry Power who finally gets a taste of
Boston, and deserves to take in every minute of it with all the determination to qualify over the years. Saint John's Joe Burke will be one to watch in the 60-69 age category. and the Hampton River Runners Duo of Lisa Bettle and Olivia Donovan.


Daryl's Picks
Daryl Steeves - Rothesay, NB
Daryl Steeves


We have a great crop of guys off to Boston this year. It was a tough call on some of these but here goes:

John Herron: This energizer bunny of Bloomfield has shown himself to be strong and consistent. His 2:57:49 from New York is, I think the fastest of the men and I think he will hold that position at the finish line in Boston.
Chuck Dixon: This Sackville speedster will definitely keep John honest. He is a really threat to take top spot with his 2:58:27 in PEI. I think though, that John’s experience with big races will be the edge.
Steve Lohnes: This harrier from Hampton is yet another potential threat. He has experience with Boston, had a 3:02:26 in New York and a solid running history. I’m expecting to see him put in a great performance in Boston.
Tim Wright: This whiz from Woodstock is the youngest man of the field and those young legs could push the entire NB contingent. He has a very respectable 3:08:08 from Lowell and is sure to be out to do his hometown proud.
Murray Jamer: This Fredericton flash will be fun to watch. I am almost positive I have this one wrong. Going strictly by numbers this should be where his 3:09:02 from the Lowell marathon should put him but word on the street is he has put some real effort behind this one and is a lean mean running machine. He certainly could prove to be the spoiler!


Another tough call here. These are some very talented runners and almost anything came happen. Here’s my best guess:

Maggie Johnson: Hailing from Quispamsis, Maggie has some great running credentials including a 3:27:52 from Marathon by the Sea. Maggie is tough and reliable and I think her experience will give her the nod in Boston.
Kyna Squarey: This Moncton runner has some impressive finishes on here resume including a 3:22:56 at Sugarloaf. I don’t think Maggie can relax for a minute through the Newton hills or Kyna will try to snatch top spot.
Vicki Woods: Another Quispamsis runner, Vicki has a strong running resume including a 3:29:22 in Moncton. She has been to Boston in the past and has been looking very good out on the roads this winter so she could very well lay down a good 26.2 in Boston this year.
Brenda Guitard: This Saint John runner may be the speedster of the group with what I think is the fastest half marathon of the group with a 1:34:31 in Moncton. If she can hold that kind of speed in Boston, everyone better watch out!
Sarah Zurdhof: This fine young runner from Fredericton has her best marathons in front of her but a strong 3:29:12 in Fredericton in her past. Although she is sitting as number 5 here, she has real potential to move up in Boston, watch for her!


Historical Results: 2001 / 2002 / 2003 / 2004 / 2005 / 2006 / 2007 / 2008 / 2009

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