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Gilles's Pick
Gilles Gautreau - Rothesay, NB

The 114th running of the Boston Marathon will see many of New Brunswick's top marathoners line up again in numbers, 74 to be exact. Team NB 2010 will showcase many familiar names and a good number of first timers. As mentioned in previous Boston Picks, this piece is not to elevate anyone or exclude any names. Everyone who ever trained to run 26.2 miles knows the hard work that goes into qualifying for the Boston Marathon. That said, on behave of all running enthusiasts & fans staying behind, we hope all your goals are met.


  • Bruce Rosvall - People may think I'm going out on a limb or playing favoritism by picking my good friend Bruce as my #1 choice for Boston Pick 2010. The truth is that I'm basing my prediction on history and knowledge. Bruce has placed 2nd NBer twice with low 2:55 and in both years he was overlooked has a top contender. When it comes to preparing for the oldest marathon, Rosvall is methodical (like a metronome) & very disciplined.
  • John Herron - I believe that this is the year that Herron will shine in Beantown. John is coming into Boston with lots of experience with 8 consecutive years of lining up in Hopkinton. Other than his 2:57:28 in 2006, John has not run near his potential in this marathon. If he can match his first half with a solid 2nd half, I predict that his knowledge of the course and relatively good winter training will make him a top contender. It should be noted that Herron is still unbeaten by the rest of the field in a distance other than the marathon.
  • Martin Verreault - The Beresford runner will arrive in Boston with the top qualifying time of 2:54:29. The Beresford runner is a definite treat to finish first. The reason I placed him third is he lacks the marathon experience of Rosvall and Herron.
  • Bernie Doucet- The Fredericton runner had a solid season in 2009, finishing 2nd NBer in Boston with a 3:00:37 and a 3rd overall at Marathon By The Sea with a 2:59:34. Doucet has indicated that he had a consistent training over the winter but because of other personal projects, he feels he may lack that little extra for a PB on April 19th.
  • Hector Leblanc - The Monctonian's marathon time of 3:01:19 at Legs For Literacy last Fall proved to himself and the people who knows him that he can compete with the best. Leblanc is not afraid of a challenge and will likely flirt with a sub-3 hour marathon time. If everything comes together, expect Hector to be a top three contender.
  • Dean Mercer - The Rothesay runner has been on the NB road racing scene since 2001, quietly running one or two events per year. In 2007, his time started to improve (e.g. 1:25 in the Half) and people began to take notice. Last Fall's KV Challenge marathon, Mercer came within second of breaking sub-3 hour barrier. His 2009 performance placed Dean amongs the top NB marathoner. A think this Rothesay runner could be the big surprise in Boston this year.
  • Michael Coyne - In 2008, the St. Stephen native then 57, ran 2:55:13 finishing 3rd NBer and everyone remembers his 2:51:51 in 2006 placing Michael first NBer. So why only seventh? Well, Coyne was absent from Boston in 2009, likely because of nagging injuries plus time is not on his side, just shy of 60 years old. That said, if Coyne had good winter training, he could still threaten for a top three spot.
  • Steve Lohnes - The Hamptonian is one of those runners who flies under the radar but has been consistently finishing around the 3 hour mark. In May 2009, Lohnes ran a PB of 2:59:42 in Sugarloaf after placing 4th NBer in Boston just three before in a time of 3:03:41. If the stars line up, the Hampton runner has good shot of placing Top 5 again this year.
  • John Dallaire - Every year since 2005, this Monctonian has improved his Boston time. In 2009, John finished 9th with his best time of 3:12:16. If the tradition continues and I have no doubt the Moncton runner is capable, a moving up in the ranking is very likely.
  • Paul Comeau - This Miramichi River Runner is going into Boston with only one marathon under his belt, a respectable time of 3:04:08, which he ran in October in PEI. If Paul can conquer Boston's challenging course, he has a good chance to better tenth placing.

It's unfair to just highlight ten male NBers because there are some legendary runners that should also be mentioned.

I'll start with NB's oldest entries, Frank Kelly who was RunNB's 2009 Inspirational Runner of the Year and Richard Steele of Moncton, both 71 years young runner their second consecutive Boston.
Joe Burke, the tenacious 67 years old Saint Johner who ran an amazing 1:30:45 for a half marathon.
Raymond Caissie (62) of Richibucto-Village still a top NB competitor, running 1:24:10 for half and sub-18 minutes for 5K.
Dr Bob Forbes (56) who under went heart surgery in 2006 and less than a year later runs 3:16:28 in the Boston Marathon finishing 7th in a field of 80 NBers.
My good friend Darrell Travis (50), running in his 14th consecutive Boston Marathon. Top NB runner in Boston in 2002.
Sylvio Bourque, the Running Hulk from Grande-Digue, ran eight marathons in 2009, more than 60 road races and wins a world arm wrestling title in Italy. This NB Ironman plans to run from Hopkinton to Boston in a sub-3:20 personal best time.
Claude Degrace of Moncton an avid runner for over 25 years while battling severe asthma.
Roger Levesque, a long distance runner from Balmoral who's run more than a 100 marathons, only one other NB resident has run more, his good buddy Alan Caron.

I want to wish good luck to all the first timers, many of them Saint Johners and guys I see running around town such as Steve Dohaney, Bob Sherrard, David Baxter, Gary Ogden, Charles Mandel and Al Clark. Happy trails, to my noon running partners, Jim Miller and Jeremy Fry.


As always my scoop on the female runners is always lacking thus I've simply listed them in their order of qualifying time except Brenda Guitard and Kyna Squarey, which I've moved up a spot. So the challenge is for Caroline to prove me wrong and Brenda and Kyna to live up my billing. Good luck to all 23 ladies running in Boston on Patriot Day. I sincerely hope you all surpass your expectation.

  • Paula Keating - The RunNB Female Runner of the Year for 2009, is in a class of her own, no disrespect to the other females. I predict Keating will be a strong contender for a Top 3 overall NB runner. If Paula breaks 3 hours in Boston, it would be an amazing feat most likely the first NB female to do so.
  • Brenda Guitard - The Saint John runner is tenacious runner who qualified with a 3:21:29 on MBTS marathon's hilly course. Brenda was top female in Boston last year.
  • Kyna Squarey - The Moncton MD ran a solid performance of 3:25:21 in last year's Boston. I'm certain that the 38 years old runner will look at improving her 2009 marathon time. Kyna will be a strong contender for the 2nd spot.
  • Caroline Collyer - The Fredericton runner has a better qualifying time than Brenda and Kyna but since I don't have the stats on where she qualified, I've placed her fourth. She will likely make the race for second exiting.
  • Lisa Flewelling - The youngest female in the field will be looking to move up a spot or two if any of the stronger qualifiers falters.
  • Mary Davis - Don't have the Fredericton runner's Boston qualifying time but my guess is she'll be in the thick of things.
  • Jeannie MacDonald - The 40 years old Irishtown runner will be racing in a new age class this year. If Jeannie improves on her 3:35:16 she can move a couple of spots.
  • Tracey Price-Emerson - Was spotted training hard this winter in the Kennebacasis Valley. Tracey runs with the same determination and focus that I've seen in her old brother Todd.
  • Christine Belliveau - Training partner with the next Dieppe runner. Same time at Baystate Marathon of 3:41:51.
  • Nicole Gautreau - The other Dieppe runner and my sister in-law, so I have no choice but to include her .
  • Marta Kelly - Daughter of the now famous Frank Kelly (see above), is in the best fitness she's ever been. I believe she will be in the top ten. Since I don't know all the ladies who have a better qualifying time, I refuse to take one off the top 10 list in respect of their hard work for making it to Boston. Go Mar-Ta!
Hans's Picks
Hans Laltoo - Moncton, NB
Ah springtime! With it comes melting snow, longer days, flowers blooming, and marathon season! Of course the granddaddy of them all is Boston and this year New Brunswick is once again well represented with 74 athletes on the starting line in Hopkington. This years field is one of the deepest and most evenly matched in recent memory. The following are my 7th annual Boston picks. The first overall pick is an especially tough one. There are so many talented runners with so little to choose between them.One of the favourites, apparently will not be running. So the defending number one- Chuck Dixon will be left off the list. My feeling is that the standard bearer will come from the following group—Herron. Verreault, Hector Leblanc, Bernie Doucet, Rosvall and Lohnes. Oh, and let's not forget about Paula Keating who could easily be the first New Brunswicker. However I will have separate male and female lists as per tradition.

1. Martin Verreault This Boston rookie ran three impressive marathons last year- Fredericton in 3:05, Quebec in 3:03 and lastly PEI in 2:54. This is a very impressive progression. The only downside could be the lack of experience with the Boston course.
2. Hector Leblanc. Hector is lean, fit and ready to crack the three hour barrier in Boston. He is determined, disciplined and mentally tough.Has the potential to move up.
3. Bernie Doucet. Ran 2:59 on the tough Marathon-by-the-Sea course last year. He can definitely surprise some people.
4. John Herron. Reports are that this Boston veteran's training is going well this year. He knows the course as well as an one and there should be no surprises for him.
5. Bruce Rosvall. Bruce is reportedly in top form and looking to go under three hours again.
6.Steve Lohnes. Another sub three hour marathoner, with a 2:59 in Sugarloaf.
7. Dean Mercer. Had a solid 3:00 on the tough KVC marathon course, so you know he can handle the hills of Boston.
8. Paul Comeau. An up and coming marathoner with a qualifying time of 3:04 from PEI.
9.Michael Coyne. The “Ageless Wonder". Not sure what shape he's in but expect a solid effort.
10. John Dallaire. This newly minted “Ironman" is fit, healthy and looking for a new pb in Boston.

Other Notables- Some of the other runners who can easily post a top ten finish include—Tim Wright, Roger Tabone, Charles Mandel, Denis Leblanc,Bob Forbes.

1Paula Keating. Running her first Boston after a 2:58 in NYC in her marathon debut. Has the potential to be first NB'er overall.
2. Brenda Guitard. Had an impressive 3:21 last year.
3. Kyna Squarey. This natural athlete always seems to run well.
4. Lisa Flewelling. An “Ironman" finisher, she definitely has the mental and physical strength needed to do well.
5. Caroline Collyer. Ran a very fast 3:20 in Lowell.
6. Jeannie MacDonald. Back to better her solid 3:35 from last year.
7.Tracey Price-Emmerson
8. Mary Davis
9. Nicole Gautreau. Has trained hard this winter and should do well in her first Boston.
10. Christine Belliveau

Other Notables- Martha Kelly, Cathy Lloyd, Jean Barry, Lyn Young
Bruce's Picks
Bruce "Gabby" Guitard - Charlo, NB

Patriot Monday is only days away, which means its time to line up at the start line and sidelines for the prestigious running of the Boston Marathon once again. GO NBer's GO ! Aside from Robert Cheriuyot and Ryan Hall duking it out for top honours on the men's side and Dire Tune in a rematch against defending champion Salina Kosgei on the women's side the crew representing NB will be trying to run their way to top spot in the province. The 114th running of the Boston Marathon will see 74 of New Brunswick's top marathoners line up this year. 2010 will see many familiar names as well as some Beantown rookies. First off I just want to mention your all winners, goal achievers and inspiring individuals no matter what your finish time is or what spot you finish in on Monday. Just getting to Boston is a HUGE achievement so have fun, take in all the sites and cheers that are for YOU along the 42.2 road and "Carpe Diem" that's right SEIZE THE DAY ! So without further a due here's my top pics and SHOUT out(s) to one and all on the 2010 Team Boston NB ! Enjoy my mouthful of words. Daryl didn't call me Gabby Guitard for nothing.....

3. - This is a toss up between Bernie Doucet who may just take this spot by a hair or two who i also have to give 2 thumbs up to for still sporting the BEARD ! We are few and far between bearded runners but its got style and Bernie wears it well. But the beard could also cost him some time and arodynamics to stay ahead of Steve Lohnes who still has a thorne in his side from Boston past and Lohnes surely wants to run a Beantown PB once and for all, or could it be Dean Mercer who is ever improving at this distance who has gone from getting past that qualifying hurdle in 08 with a 3:11 to being only 52 seconds from sub 3 hour at KV last year.

in 2nd - I have Martin Verreault - Verreault is the speedster from the North Shore this year. His times improved continueously at all distances last year and he could impress us all if he had a good winter of training and continues his PB ways from the 2:54 he posted late in the season at the PEI marathon. But the Beantown suprises and at times deceiving course can sometimes get the best of a rookie Boston entrant. Let's wait and see if he overcomes these obstacles.

1st overall this year will be between John Herron and Bruce Rosvall. Both part of the well known noon hour Saint John Moose Loggers these 2 experienced runners not only know each other's every step, they also know the Boston course some of the best out of this years line up. Herron know's the Boston course as well as he know's his Bloomfield training grounds. If all lines up Herron should go sub 3 and be the first NB'er to cross the line. But don't count out Rosvall to be the first to hit the home stretch at Boyleston St. - Rosvall's slow and steady tactic could work to his favor. Both these runners are confident, patient and are never intimidated by the tough Boston conditions and how its prestigeous surroundings can sometimes challenge the marathoner.

I have honerable mentions going out to Micheal Coyne who has shown many young guns that age is only a number and his finishing times at Boston certainly prove that. Look out for Canadian Running east coast columnist Charles "Moves a lot" Mandel as he could suprise us all and finish on the NB podium.

Also I would like to add a hats off to our ageless wonder(s) list that grows every year. Seems like Joe Burke started quite the following. Burke returns to Boston this year and never fails to impress. Burke could easily run a 3:20 - and than there's two young at heart guns on the list of NB'ers this year who inspire us all - Frank Kelly and Richard Steele will duke it out - both 71 years of age. Who will win this Moncton Saint John battle.

We can't forget that we also have the Italian Grand Digue Stallion that could post quite a solid time. The ever improving Sylvio Bourque could very well arm wrestle his way to a top 10 NB finish. Keep an eye out for Bourque who is many NB'ers fan favorite to see on the RunNB scene his support for the sport never goes unoticed ! KEEP up the great work Sylvio.

Last but not least I have a shout out going to 2 more people.

1 who keeps going and going and the other who finally broke down the boston qualification door. Darrell Travis who continues his impressive consecutive streak in Boston, now at 14. He should just buy a condo or they should have a room in his name at the Holiday Inn in Brookline KEEP it up Darrell. And finally GO BAX GO ! you finally made it. This hard working humble volunteer has taken a few attempts at the Boston goal so many have and finally broke the tape. Co-organizer of the RUN42 program started a few years back linked to a marathon in L.A. that he also ran, he inspired many kids to do just that "RUN42" with a group of kids at a school in Saint John. Here's what you deserve in return for your hard work Dave ! go get em and enjoy Boston.

Now for my top 3 females.

3 - Kyna Squarey - I don't know much about this Moncton runner, but with a return to Boston this year and on the heels of Brenda Guiard last year Squarey will want to improve on her time this year.

2 - Brenda Guitard - I trust Guitard will have a good showing this year ! She is never on the course alone and certainly won't be this year, and for those who know Brenda you know what I am talking about here. She carries a true friend with her every step of the way and that surely gives her the fight she needs in those last miles. Brenda will PB Boston this year and will share it with many who support her in SJ. GO BRENDA GO !

1- Paula Keating - What more is there to say ? 1st place overall last year in the 1/2 marathon at Marathon by the sea edging Bruce Rosvall by only seconds. She is sub 18 for her 5k and sub 37 for her 10k and finally sub 3 in her first Marathon. These stats superpasses goal times many men have on the list in NB! With all that aside she is one of the most humble people you will meet. She no doubt has big goals, but she keeps them quiet and just gets the job done, and smiles every step of the way. Keating is in a league of her own and I trust at her first Boston she will be patient and post a stellar time if all lines up on Patriot Monday. Paula may even have a chance to place herself in top 3 NB'ers overall. With her 2:58 in NYC last season it puts her just 5 seconds off 5th fastest NB marathoner in the rankings last year. Move over boys here comes Paula !

Honarable mentions - Don't count out our well know top NB IRONMAN triathlete Lisa Flewelling ! This spirited stellar athlete will certainly be smilling from 1 to 42 k !

I hope my aplause finds its way to start line for the following determined lady ! Tracy Price Emerson ! Full time mom ! and truly supportive sister who in return has quite the support team. Her training partner and brother Todd Price, her husband and kids who are never not heard on the sidelines, and many other friends who will surely be either there in person or tracking Tracy online every step of the way! She finally finds her way to Boston after many determined tries. The shouts "TRACY TRACY" will be heard From NB to Boston ! GO TRACY GO !

Keep an eye out for Marta "Eye of the tiger" Kelly ! enough said......Marta has passion, heart, and determination to always improve. Can I say there may be a PB on the map this year ? I know one thing. Marta will be the first to cheer on the rest of the NB crew. Top 10 for Kelly is no doubt a true possibility.

Other notables: Mary Davis this top Fredericton athlete will surely have some true sideline support from cyclist, triathlete, runners, store owner and all around sports enthusiast husband Mike and family supporting her from the sidelines.

So hats off to everyone and do NB proud !

Bruce "Gabby" Guitard.

Daryl's Picks
Daryl Steeves - Rothesay, NB
Daryl Steeves


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