NBers at the 117th Boston Marathon
10th Annual
2013 Boston Predictions

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Gilles's Pick
Gilles Gautreau - Rothesay, NB

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Hans's Picks
Hans Laltoo - Moncton, NB

1. Chuck Dixon
2.Alex Coffin
3.Bruce Rosvall
4.Jim Johnson
5. Jeremy Steeves
6. Aldeo Richard
7.Steve Lohnes
8.Ghislain Pelletier
9.Bruce Webb
10.Jeremy Fry

1.Paula Keating
2.Cathy Jeffery
3.Brenda Guitard
4.Jessica Kennedy
5.Lori Singleton
6.Nathalie Boivin
7.Lyn Young
8.Nathalie Carrier
9.Debbie Reinsborough
10.Louise Thibodeau

Alex's Picks
Alex Coffin - Saint John, NB

1. Paula Keating
2. Cathy Jeffrey
3. Lisa Leblanc
4. Jessica Kennedy
5. Brenda Guitard

1. Chuck Dixon
2. Alex Coffin
3. Jim Johnson
4. Bruce Rosval
5. Jeremy Steeves

Daryl's Picks
Daryl Steeves - Rothesay, NB
Daryl Steeves

#1 Paula Keating: Paula can't be beat if she shows up healthy at the start line.

#2 Cathy Jeffrey: Cathy would be expected to be second but I don't think it is a guarantee, there will be a race for this position

#3 Brenda Guitard: Brenda has led the way before and she is looking very strong, she will be a serious contender for #2

#4 Jessica Kennedy: Jessica will be in tough but will have her hands full with Cathy and Brenda

#5 Lisa Leblanc: Another of the very tough competitors in this strong field and anything could happen on the day.

Wildcard: Lori Singleton Lori has the potential for a lifetime performance that could put her in the top five.

#1 Chuck Dixon: Experience, speed and determination puts Chuck at the top of the list but he has a target on his back and there are runners in the group who could hit it!

#2 Alex Coffin: Alex is one of the best racers in the group, he knows how to get the best results out of himself. If he is healthy he will be on the hunt for Chuck.

#3 Jim Johnson: Jim will have his hands full, particularly with Bruce Rosvall but his younger legs may give him the edge.

#4 Bruce Rosvall: I always underestimate this guys but not this year. His experience and work ethic will have him in the thick of things every step of the way.

#5 Jeremy Steeves: It was a toss-up between Jeremy and Ryan but the nod goes to Jeremy for his improving performance over the last couple of years, he may not have reached his peak.

Wildcard: Ryan Hamilton: Not an athlete I know well but he qualified well and has some good runs on his resume, he is not to be taken lightly.

Historical Results: 2001 / 2002 / 2003 / 2004 / 2005 / 2006 / 2007 / 2008 / 2009 / 2011

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