NBers at the 118th Boston Marathon
11th Annual
2014 Boston Predictions

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Words can hardly describe the camaraderie that will be shared by the 30,000 runners that will be in Boston this year. The cheers of 1/2 million spectators will motivate every last runner. This year, over 60 New Brunswickerís will line up in Hopkinton on Monday April 21st. RunNB salutes all the athletes that have trained through one of the toughest winters on record and we know that all 65 runners will represent Team NB proudly. The tradition of highlighting our picks is to highlight some of NBís possible front runners but mostly it is to generate some interest and to cheer on the athletes. Best of luck to all the athletes.
Hans's Picks
Hans Laltoo - Moncton, NB

Here are my Boston Picks for 2014 - Hans


1. Mike Davis
2. Adam Douthwright
3. Vincent Merriam
4. Jim Johnson
5. Dean Mercer

Other notables: Steve Lohnes, Tim Keilty


1. Brenda Guitard
2. Joanne Reynolds
3. Kathy Wilson
4. Heather Suttie
5. Sandrine Caron

Other notables: Jessica Kennedy, Sydney McNeill

Alex's Picks
Alex Coffin - Saint John, NB


1. Vincent Merriam
Vincent had a very fast half last year and has already ran a solid half this winter so I know he was training hard. I will take a chance on Vincent!!
2. Mike Davis
I suspect that Mike will be watching out for Adam and Jim.
3. Adam Douthwright
4. Jim Johnson
5. Dean Mercer
Dean will be ready to pick people off with a steady pace from experience.


1. Brenda Guitard
Eye of the Tiger from last year
2. Heather Suttie
Ranked ahead of Brenda in the 10K last year. She is my big pick and will give Brenda a challenge.
3. Kathy Wilson
She has the experience but may not be able to meet the motivation level of Brenda and Heather. I hope she proves me wrong.
4. Sandrine Caron
Sandrine has already ran a solid half in the winter so we know she was disciplined through our horrible conditions.
5. Joanne Reynolds
I am not sure I know Joanne but she is in the first wave with Brenda.

Daryl's Picks
Daryl Steeves - Rothesay, NB
Daryl Steeves

Another tough year to choose, but here goes - Daryl


1. Mike Davis: this guy is a great athlete and tough as nails.† I still think his best races are ahead of him
2. Adam Douthwright: a strong young runner with potential to hit a home run
3. Alex Coffin: The running guru, you just canít ever count him out.
4. Jim Johnson: the near perfect blend of youth and experience, this could be his year
5. Dean Mercer: always seems to run under the radar but this guy has legs


1. Brenda Guitard: Brenda is strong and wise with great experience she is training hard and will be tough
2. Joanne Reynolds: Tough call between Joanne and Brenda, it could be a very tight race
3. Kathy Wilson: Not her first rodeo, she knows the game and is very strong
4. Heather Suttie: Another very experienced runner who just might be Boston Strong
5 (tie). Sandrine Caron: A fine young runner who has legs to make this a real race among the NB Women
5 (tie). Jessica Kennedy: One of our big up and coming marathoners, just could be her breakthrough race

Historical Results: 2001 / 2002 / 2003 / 2004 / 2005 / 2006 / 2007 / 2008 / 2009 / 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013

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