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2016 Boston Predictions

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Being the oldest annual marathon in the world the Boston Marathon has distinguished itself as the pinnacle road racing event for marathons. New Brunswick is proud to have 63 athletes representing the province this year. Making the qualification standards for the Boston Marathon is a difficult feat in itself. Now our athletes will tackle the 42.2km which meanders through the Massachusetts countryside, then climbs through the suburbs of Boston including Heartbreak Hill before winding though the brick lined streets of Boston. The athletes range in age from 22 to 66! The tradition of highlighting our “picks” is not only to highlight some of NB’s possible front runners but it is to generate some interest and to cheer on all the athletes. We welcome 2 newcomers to our predictions panel.  Best of luck to all!

Shelley's Picks
Shelley Doucet - Quispamsis, NB

When reading my predictions, please forgive me if I have I left anyone out as I have only been on the running scene for two years and do not yet know all of the great NB marathoners :-) With that, here are my predictions for the 2016 Boston Marathon:

  1. Evan Arsenault – Evan was the fastest NB runner last year in the Boston Marathon and he has the potential to run close to 2:40 if all goes well - in other words, if he does not go after defending his blazing start title from last year. I am also biased as he is one of my training partners :-)
  2. Colin McQuade – Colin just ran a huge PB in the half marathon in Tracadie in a time of 1:17:50, which predicts a 2:42 marathon. I think Colin is more than capable of going under 2:45 and getting close to his predicted time.  He is a smart runner and has not yet reached his fullest potential, achieving marathon PBs every year for the past few years.
  3. Nathaniel Couture – In last year’s Boston marathon Nate had the best negative split out of all the NB runners (1:25:39 / 1:24:29). His ultramarathon experience will again help him this year to be a contender for the top three spots for NB. Plus he is training with NB’s fastest marathoner in 2015, Ryan O’Shea!  
  4. Mathieu Morrison – After running a 2:46 in Berlin last year, Mathieu should not be counted out for the top three spots. It will be close!
  5. Greg McCann – Greg ran 2:52 in Boston last year, in poor weather conditions. I think he will go under 2:50 this year and will also be a solid contender for the top three NB spots.
  6. Yves Bourque – Yves ran a high 2:56 in the New York Marathon last year. I predict he will go under 2:54 in Boston as his marathon times have been progressively getting faster.
  7. Gregory Horsley – Greg is another runner who has been progressively improving in the marathon distance, running 2:58 in Moncton last year after running 3:06 on the same course the year before.
  8. John Klymko – John broke the 3 hour mark in the Moncton marathon last fall and I think he will do it again in Boston, this time by more than 16 seconds :-)
  9. Jamie Wolverton – Jamie was the most consistent paced NB runner in the Boston Marathon last year, where he finished in just under 3 hours (2:59:52). His smart pacing could potentially move him up on the list!
  10. Bernie Doucet – Bernie is a consistent marathoner around 3 hours. I think he will be close to this time again this year; I am predicting a sub 3 hour performance :-)


  1. Paula Keating – Paula will defend her reign as the first NB woman in Boston and will easily go under 3 hours. She has experience and amazing pacing talent in the marathon distance. 
  2. Joanne Reynolds – Joanne was the NB champion last year in the marathon distance at the Fredericton Marathon running 3:08. I think Joanne has the potential to go under 3 hours and be the first NB runner depending on how her training has been going for this race.
  3. Marcie Holland – Marcie was awarded RunNB’s Up and Coming Runner of the Year last year for women. I have insider information (as she is my sister) on how hard she has been training for Boston and also get to witness her amazing progress, including a recent PB in the half marathon distance. I plan to run with Marcie this year and witness another marathon PB, which is currently 3:16!
  4. Elita Rahn – I think Marcie and I will find Elita out on the course and finish close together! Elita is an incredible runner with extensive experience. On a good day she has the potential to take second place for NB women this year.
  5. Shelley Doucet – I fully intend to draft off Marcie and Elita to conserve energy throughout the race, therefore as a good sport I will not attempt to pass them at the end :-)
  6. Lindsay Laltoo – I think Lindsay is an up and coming runner in the marathon distance. If she is running this race competently and not just for fun she has the potential to finish higher in this list.
  7. Brenda Guitard – Brenda is a marathon veteran who also has the potential to finish higher up - this just happens to be the fastest year ever for NB women running in the Boston Marathon, with several up and comers. Brenda is a consistent pacer like Paula and is very experienced in running marathons, especially Boston. I would not be surprised at all if she took one of the top three spots.
  8. Jessica Kennedy – I think Jessica is another up and comer in the marathon distance and will go under 3:20. That’s right, I predict that 8 NB women will go under 3:20 this year (rarely do more than 2 women ever go under 3:20 at Boston)!
  9. Aline Goguen – Aline has been on the injured list for the past year, but prior to that she was steadily improving her marathon time (3:30 in 2013; 3:25 in 2014). If her knee is good on race day, she will surely PB again!
  10. Allyson MacDonald – Allyson had a great race in Ottawa last year running a 3:28 marathon, which is almost 10 minutes faster than her marathon in 2014. She and Aline will be close!

Notable mentions: Rochelle Johnston and Annie Pellerin – I would have placed Rochelle and Annie higher up and included them in the sub 3:20 list, but I have insider info that Rochelle will be around 24 weeks pregnant on race day and Annie plans to run for fun. I think they will still have a great race!

Hans's Picks
Hans Laltoo - Moncton, NB

Once again, NewBrunswick is well represented at the 120th edition of the Boston Marathon. In keeping with the tradition that was started in 2005, here are my top 10 picks.

  1. Men
    1) Colin McQuade - Colin gets the coveted top pick based on his disciplined, systematic approach to training and his remarkable progression in fitness.
    2) Mathieu Morrison - ran a 2:46 in Berlin in Sept, 2015, and ready to challenge for the top spot.
    3) Evan Arsenault - a proven contender. Could easily move up if the others have an off day.
    4) Nathaniel Couture - another seasoned veteran as evidenced by his 2:50 last year in Boston.
    5) Greg McCann - young and strong.
    6) Yves Bourque - Yves is in top shape as shown by his recent 1:18 half in NewYork. Had a big pb in NYC in November and is looking to improve on that in Boston.
    7) Jamie Wolverton - another sub-three hour marathoner.
    8) Bernie Doucet - Bernie is as tough as nails and can handle the pain of distance running better than most.
    9) Steve Dohaney - a very consistent runner.
    10) Josh Dick - an up and comer.
    Other Notables - Eric Girard

  2. Women
    1) Paula Keating - Always steady and consistent, and a Boston veteran. The epitome of consistency.
    2) Joanne Reynolds - has had consistently solid results and is the 2015 NB Women's Marathon champion.
    3) Shelley Doucet - This star in the NB running scene is not running at 100% this year, otherwise she would be challenging for top spot overall.
    4) Elita Rahn - Brings her "A" game every time.
    5) Brenda Guitard - Has seen it all over her career, and takes everything in stride. Unflappable.
    6) Marcie Holland - has burst onto the running scene with some impressive performances.
    7) Lindsay Laltoo - a relative newbie in the marathon distance, running her first Boston, and third overall marathon.
    8) Jessica Kennedy - a veteran of several Boston marathons, knows the course well and is running strong.
    9) Sarah Scheren
    10) Rochelle Johnston - would be ranked higher but is reported to be running Boston "for fun" this year.

    Other Notables - Annie Pellerin - an exceptionally good athlete and Ironman finisher.
Alex's Picks
Alex Coffin - Saint John, NB


  1. Morrison, Mathieu     
  2. Arsenault, Evan 
  3. McQuade, Colin D.
  4. Mccann, Greg
  5. Couture, Nathaniel 
  6. Bourque, Yves
  7. Doucet, Bernie
  8. Tremblay, Tanick
  9. Girard, Eric
  10. Dohaney, Steve

Dean breaks 2:40!! Evan and Nathaniel break 2:50!! The top 10 all break 3 hours!!


  1.  Paula Keating
  2.  Shelley Doucet
  3.  Marcie Holland
  4.  Joanne Reynolds 
  5.  Elita Rahn
  6.  Brenda Guitard
  7.  Rochelle Johnston
  8.  Lindsay Laltoo  
  9.  Jessica Kennedy
  10.  Aline Goguen
Daryl's Picks
Daryl Steeves - Rothesay, NB
Daryl Steeves


It will be tough up front and any of my first three choices could be interchangeable, however:

  1. Nathaniel Couture:  I’m going out on a limb and call Nathaniel for top dog based on his excellent pacing strategy last year, he clearly has his head in the game and maybe a little something to prove, that he has speed to go with that Ultra endurance.
  2. Evan Arsenault:  Of course Evan is a threat for #1, this kid is an amazing runner with a strong kick and anything could happen with that combination
  3. Mathieu Morrison: I don’t know him well but based on his results in other races he looks like the real deal.
  4. Greg McCann: Greg has shown he can run with the big dogs, now he just has to show he can stay in the hunt to the end.  If he figures that out he could shock us all.
  5.  Colin McQuade: Colin needs a strong finish but if he can do that without taking too much off the rest of his race he should be in the thick of it
  6.  Yves Bourque
  7. Bernie Doucet
  8. James Wolverton
  9. Eric Girard
  10.  Yanick Tremblay


It is no secret that Shelley Doucet has been injured and won’t be ready to give her best performance but I think we will see others step up to give their all. After Paula, we are going to have a real race on our hands…

  1.  Paula Keating: The Legend… I don’t need any other reason
  2.  Joanne Reynolds: She has earned it with hard work and dedication
  3.  Marcie Holland: She is ready and raring to go.  Marcie has been very wise building to this over the last couple of years.
  4.  Elita Rahn: Very experienced runner but still has the legs of youth, She will be tough
  5.  Brenda Guitard: Brenda knows this game and she knows this course.  She is the ever ready bunny of marathons
  6.  Shelley Doucet
  7.  Rochelle Johnston
  8.  Lindsay Laltoo
  9.  Jessica Kennedy
  10.  Mary Astle
Gab's Picks
Gabriel Leblanc - Dieppe, NB
Daryl Steeves


  1. Morrison, Mathieu  - The Dr and former national 800m champion will show case his speed in the last 2 miles to cross the line as the top New Brunswick  in a time of 2h43
  2. Arsenault, Evan - Last year's top NB finisher will once again break 2:50
  3. Couture, Nathaniel - The king of the Ultras will use Boston as a short  quick run.
  4. McQuade, Colin D.
  5. Doucet, Bernie
  6. Mccann, Greg
  7. Yves Bourque
  8. Girard, Eric
  9. Wolverton, Jamie
  10. Yanick Tremblay

Note: While this was going to be a great battle between Paula K  and Shelly D however my super inside information  was able to discover that Shelley will doing 2016 Boston as a pacing job for 2015 New Brunswick's up and coming runner of the year Marcie Holland.

  1. Paula Keating – The Queen will be hard to beat  she will break 3h once again on the Boston course finishing in a time of 2h57
  2. Joanne Reynolds- The 2015 NB Marathon Champion will have a great race
  3. Lindsay Laltoo  - This former National Cross Country Team member will get a little help from her dad Hans 'the flash' Laltoo 
  4. Elita Rahn
  5. Marcie Holland
  6. Shelley Doucet
  7. Guitard, Brenda
  8. Johnston, Rochelle
  9. Jessica Kennedy
  10. Pellerin, Annie

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