NBers at the 123nd Boston Marathon
16th Annual
2019 Boston Predictions

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The Boston Marathon is the oldest annual marathon in the world and has distinguished itself as the pinnacle road racing event for runners. New Brunswick is proud to have 45 athletes representing the province this year (2019).  Each runner has already proven themselves by meeting the increasingly difficult qualification standards for the Boston Marathon. Now our athletes will tackle the 42.2km which meanders through the Massachusetts countryside, climbs Heartbreak Hill and travels along the brick lined streets of Boston. The athletes range in age from 28 to 70. The tradition of highlighting our “picks” is not only to highlight some of NB’s possible front runners but it is to generate some interest and to cheer on all the athletes. Best of luck to all!

Hans's Picks
Hans Laltoo - Moncton, NB

After what was arguably one of the toughest winters for training in recent memory, the NB contingent is ready to tackle the challenges of the Boston Marathon on April 15th 2019. They are a deep and talented group!†

The following are my picks for the top male and female NB runners.


1.Jean-Marc Doiron. Jean-Marc is the consensus#1 pick. He arrives for his first Boston after having run a solid time of 2:33 in Fredericton last year. He has† trained consistently and with dedication in his Boston build.
2. Colin McQuade. It's hard to find someone as dedicated, motivated and methodical as Colin. He has the experience of four previous Boston Marathons to draw on and is as well prepared as†possible.
3. Glenn Myers. Glenn is a young and supremely gifted runner participating in his first Boston. He has the potential to run very well.
4. Dan LeBlanc. Dan has the pedigree to run a very quick time. He has recovered from a disappointing 2018 experience in adverse conditions and is poised to do well.
5. Kip Jackson. Another first timer in Boston. Kip has made remarkable progress in a few short years of serious training.
6. Mathieu Morrison. Has loads of running experience and has performed at a high level for decades. His 2:46 on a challenging NYC course bodes well for a good Boston.
7. Greg McCann. Still getting better. Can surprise some people and move up.
8. Mike McNeil. Another of the gifted runners of the Greater Moncton area. Mike has put in a solid training block in preparation.
9. Evan Doucet. Evan is such a talented athlete and it certainly helps to have a pretty quick training partner
10. Chris McNamara. Talent and youth!


1. Rochelle Johnson. She has loads of marathon experience for a relatively young marathoner. One of three Myers siblings running Boston this year!
2. Marcie Holland. She gets it done!
3. Jessica Kennedy. The most experienced female NB'er on the road from Hopkinton to Boston.
4. Annie Pellerin. As tough as nails!
5. Sue Myers. The. "kid sister" of Rochelle and Glenn is no slouch in the marathon!
6. Brenda Guitard. Always gives everything on race day.
7. Susan Holt
8. Donna Trites
9. Sherri Penner
10. France Hache.

Best wishes to all the runners!

Alex's Picks
Alex Coffin - Saint John, NB


1. Jean-Marc Doiron
2. Daniel Leblanc
3. Colin McQuade
4. Kip Jackson
5. Chris McNamara


1. Rochelle Johnston
2. Marcie Holland
3. Suzanne Myers
4. Mary Bartlett
5. Jessica Kennedy


Daryl's Picks
Daryl Steeves - Rothesay, NB
Daryl Steeves

For the men, Jean-Marc Doiron should have it wrapped up but after that there could be some surprises. I think Daniel Leblanc and Colin McQuade will be neck and neck and they will have their hands full with Chris McNamara, a young a tough Ironman Triathlete ready to make a mark. The next three could be in any order really, I don't think we have seen Evan Doucets best race yet and this could be it. This will be a fun race to watch.


1. Jean-Marc Doiron
2. Daniel Leblanc
3. Colin Mcquade
4. Chris Mcnamara
5. Mathieu Morrison
6. Kip Jackson
7. Evan Doucet
8. Greg Mccann
9. Michael Mcneil
10.Glenn Myers

For the women, no one should touch Rochelle Johnston, this should be her year...for the others the seeding look good but I have made a couple of predictions. It is a tough call between Suzanne Myers and Marci Holland but I'm giving a slight nod to Marcie based on her steady progression over the last few years. Equally a toss up with Mary Bartlett and Annie Pellerin, could go either way but I think Annie's younger legs will prevail over Mary's amazing experience... but that is a tight one.


1. Rochelle Johnston
2. Jessica Kennedy
3. Marcie Holland
4. Suzanne Myers
5. Annie Pellerin
6. Mary Bartlett
7. Schelly Mackinnon
8. Susan Holt
9. Sheri Penner
10.Donna Trites


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