July 30th, 2018

Under the theme:   WOW… DÉJÀ 43 ANS QU’ON COURT!-

Appeal  to the  Runs  Sports Experts du Demi-Marathon, 8 km – 8 km walk, and race

of 5 km Uni,   Sunday,  September 2th, this is the 43th annual edition.   


Host of provincial championship for the race category  21.1 km


The first one hundred registered runners to the 8 km and 21.1 km races will be receiving a jersey from Sports Experts.  Also the new added  race, 5 km, the first hundred registered runners will be received a jersey from Uni.  We have also the 3 and 1 km, with the support  of  Medical Society of New Brunswick. For the Walk, it’s the 8 km and 3 km.


Change the web site registration,   we  recommend that runners made their on on-line registration in advance,   on the web site :,    by post, email or phone:   Gaétane Duval,  506-992-2780. 


System electronic chronometer with electronic running chip,   you can also registered in the morning between  7:00 - 8:30 (NB time )  at Saint-Francois town hall .  Please take notice that the fees registration increased after August 26th.  .  


 We will mentioned that the race start at Saint-Francois hall for 21.1 km, 8 km and 8 km walk, at 9h00.  The 5 km – start at 9:10 and the others races 1 and 3 km – direction Frontiere Street, the start will be at 9:20.


Don’t forget, will be registered at  5 km, 8 km and  21.1 km.  There are many prizes,  medals to top 3 of each category. Race sanctioned  by classified  in  SUPER SERIES, of New Brunswick.  For more details,   go on the twice sites mentioned below. 


You are invited to take part at the 43th annual  Demi-Marathon  Run at Saint-Francois. 



Gaétane Duval

1822, rue Commerciale,

Saint-François, NB

E7A 1A7

Email :

Phone :   506-992-2780