Eunice Phillips

Name: Eunice Phillips
Hometown: Hartland, NB
Residence: Fredericton, NB
Birthdate: Sept 24, 1950
Inducted: November 2009








Jeux de la Francophonie - The first ever of these games were held in Morocco in 1989. All of the countries of the world where French is an official language were invited to participate in a world class athletic and cultural event. Participation by the athletes was on an invitation basis and they had to meet the qualifying times set by the over 50 countries that participated. Eunice represented New Brunswick in all of the first three Jeux de la Francophonie, running the marathon event. In the first games held in 1989 in Morocco, she completed it in forty-degree temperatures in sixth place. This was the best finish for a New Brunswick athlete in the first Jeux de la Francphonie. She again ran the marathon in the 1994 Paris Jeux de la Francphonie finishing fifth place and in 1997 Madagascar Jeux de la Francophonie finishing fourth place.

World Veteran's Championships - This event is organized by the World Athletics Council and is held every two years with over 60 countries participating. Eunice represented Canada by running the Marathon in the championships held in Turku, Finland in 1991. Eunice finishing fourth in her age class in this race.

Boston Marathon - This is one of the most prestigious marathons in the world. Entrance is gained by meeting a high standard and the number of entrants, with the exception of the 100th running is limited to 9000 participants. Eunice ran the Boston Marathon on six occasions. She finished twice in the top ten Masters women overall and in all six times that she ran the marathon she was the first Canadian Masters woman over the finish line. Her best ever time in the Boston Marathon was in 1991 with a time of 3:01:29. She participated in the 100th running of the Boston Marathon which was one of the most exciting running events to occur in the US, more of a fun event with the road ways packed with spectators and well wishers, than the other running of Boston.

New York - She was invited to run as one of the 100 elite runners in the New York City marathon in 1990. This provided her with special transportation to the start and an elite starting position in a race with some 20,000 participants. She finished 41st woman overall and 8th masters woman. She was the third Canadian woman over the finish line and first masters woman from Canada.

Philadelphia Marathon - Eunice ran this fast flat course race, which is one of the major US marathons, on two occasions, in 1996 and 1998. She finishing first Masters Woman the first running with a 10th place woman overall. In 1998 she was joined in the marathon with her daughter Jen. Eunice won a trophy in this race, which is a working replica of the Liberty Bell complete with the crack.

Honolulu Marathon - This was the largest marathon that she participated in with over 30,000 participants and about 8,000 of them women and about 700 masters women. The 1991 race started early in the morning, before the sun was up and the island became too hot to run. Eunice finished 23rd woman and 3rd masters woman with a time of 3:07:22. The members of the Fredericton Capital City Road Runners ran the first Fredericton "Not the Honolulu Marathon" on the same day to support Eunice's efforts. This race has continued and is still held each year on the same day as the Honolulu Marathon.

Other Notables - Several of the other major marathons Eunice ran during her running career included, Montreal three times, finishing in the top 8 women on two occasions. In 1991, she ran the Chicago Marathon, where she finished first masters woman and 24th woman overall in a very strong field of over 1100 women from around the world. California International Marathon where she finished 2nd place masters woman. In the 1993 Marine Corps marathon with over 13,000 participants, in Washington, DC she finished 14th woman and 2nd place in the masters division. The next year she ran the Ocean State Marathon, finishing again in first place masters woman and 10th overall.

Prague Marathon - This was the final marathon that Eunice ran before being sidelined with an injury. It ran through one of the oldest cities in the world over cobblestone streets with participants from all corners of the globe. Eunice was the first Canadian woman over the finish line and was the 2nd masters woman to complete the course.

Despite a serious case of plantar fascitis in 1999 and a difficult fight with breast cancer in 2002, Eunice was not ready to hang up the sneakers and drift into retirement. In August of 2004, Eunice came out of her enforced hiatus and ran a record setting half marathon for women over 50 at Marathon by the Sea. Her time was also good enough to take 6th place overall for women.

Eunice sat on the Fredericton YMCA board for a number of years. She was part of the organizing committee for a fund raising running event for the NB Lung Association. She was on the board of the Heart and Stroke Foundation fundraiser that was a Fredericton marathon. She was volunteer assistant coach for the UNB cross-country running team and supported the women of the team. Eunice was on the board of directors of the Capital City Road Runners and was Vice President at one time. She has supported women to begin and compete in running events throughout her running career.

She also was great role model for her daughters and many of their friends who were competing in a variety of events. Both of her daughters have competed nationally in sporting events.

As a Letter Carrier in Fredericton, Eunice volunteered to participate in a Canada Post initiative to provide daily checks on seniors on her walk, to make sure that they were okay. As part of this initiative Eunice became well acquainted with many of the seniors on her mail route.

Awards and Distinctions

Several different groups have supported Eunice during her running career. She was the recipient of funding from the New Brunswick High Performance Athletic Assistance Program. NB also sponsored her attendance at all three of the Jeux de la Francophonie.

She was named the Female Athlete of Year by Athletics New Brunswick in 1991.

The Fredericton Capital City Road Runners started a Not the Honolulu Marathon in Fredericton which is run each year in December in honour of Eunice running the Honolulu Marathon.

Eunice was sponsored with a cash award and leave with pay by Canada Post to attend several races over a period from 1985 to 1993. Canada Post also paid for her to attend all of the Jasper to Banff Relay Races as part of their team.

The Canadian Track and Field Association sponsored Eunice to attend a number of marathons.

Eunice was selected as part of the NB contingent to run the torch to Saint John as part of the Canada Games held in that city. She and her husband were part of the ceremony to open the Cross-Canada trail system, riding the water bottle on part of the course from Fredericton to Millville, NB

Personal Road Records

Year Event City Chrono
1988 5 Miler Fredericton, NB 31:04
1989 20km Fredericton, NB 85:9
1989 1/2 Marathon St. Francois, NB 86:09
1989 3 Miler Old Town, Maine 17:43
1990 Marathon Ottawa, ON 3:00.06
1992 5 Kilometre Oromocto, NB 18.26
1992 10 Kilometre Chipman, NB 37:54:00
1997 1Mile West Vancouver 5:30



Year Marathon City Time Women Overall Masters Overall Canadian Women Canadian Masters
1999 Prague International Marathon Prague, Czech Republic 3:19:00 21st 2nd 1st 1st
1998 Philadelphia Marathon Philadelphia, Pa. 3:06:20 20th 2nd 3rd 1st
1997 California International Marathon Sacramento, Ca. 3:05:00 32nd 2nd 7th 1st
1997 Jeux de la Francophonie Madagascar 3:23:00 4th      
1996 Philadelphia Marathon Philadelphia, Pa. 3:02:23 5th 1st 1st 1st
1996 100th Boston Marathon Boston, Mass 3:21:00 276th 52nd    
1995 Columbus Marathon Columbus, Ohio 3:06:31   2nd 1st 1st
1995 99th Boston Marathon Boston, Mass 3:13:13 122nd 13th 5th 1st
1994 Ocean State Marathon Warwick, RI 3:14:41 10th 1st 1st 1st
1994 Jeux de la Francophonie Paris, France 3:31:00 5th      
1994 98th Boston Marathon Boston, Mass 3:06:06 91st 15th    
1993 Marine Corps Marathon Washington, DC 3:04:00 14th 2nd 1st 1st
1993 97th Boston Marathon Boston, Mass 3:09:02 48th 10th 2nd 1st
1992 Honolulu Marathon Honolulu, Hawaii 3:07:22 23rd 3rd 1st 1st
1992 96th Boston Marathon Boston, Mass 3:07:33 74th 12th 4th 2nd
1991 Chicago Marathon Chicago, Il 3:01:15 24th 1st 1st 1st
1991 World Masters Marathon Turcu, Finland 3:09:40 12th 4th    
1991 97th Boston Marathon Boston, Mass 3:01:29 61st 9th 3rd 1st
1990 21st New York City Marathon New York, NY 3:06:51 41st 8th 3rd 1st
1990 Montreal Marathon Montreal, PQ 3:01:45 6th      
1990 Canadian National Masters Marathon Ottawa 3:00:06 1st 1st 1st 1st
1990 Toshiba National Capital Marathon Ottawa, ON 3:00:06 3rd 1st    
1989 Montreal Marathon Montreal, PQ 3:01:40 8th      
1989 Jeux de la Francophonie Casa Blanca, Morocco 3:18:00 6th      
1989 Toshiba National Capital Marathon Ottawa, ON 3:10:00 6th 1st    
1988 Michelin Marathon Halifax, NS 3:10:59 2nd      
1988 Montreal Marathon Montreal, PQ 3:16:00 11th      
1987 Casco Bay Marathon Casco Bay, Maine 3:11:44 4th      
1987 Moncton Marathon Moncton, NB 3:16:00 2nd      
1986 Montreal Marathon Montreal, PQ 3:07:45 8th      
1986 Moncton Marathon Moncton, NB 3:13:00 1st      
1985 Oromocto Marathon Oromocto, NB 3:27:00 1st