Frequently Asked Questions

Who is RunNB?

Run New Brunswick (RunNB) is the organization that promotes road running in our province and is an autonomous committee of Athletics New Brunswick (ANB). ANB is the provincial governing body for track and field, cross country & road running and is a member of Sport NB.

How do I become a member of RunNB?

Once a runner participates in an event listed in the RunNB Race Calendar, that person automatically becomes a RunNB member because a portion of the entry fee goes to RunNB. These contributions to RunNB help pay for costs such as the race booklet publication, electronic finish line clock, awards, etc.

Does RunNB pay its Executive Committee, Board Members or race day workers?

Not a cent! They are all unpaid volunteers. The funds raised by RunNB are put back into the running community for the benefit of everyone.

What kind of people participate in RunNB events?

People like you! The only requirement is that you are a runner and/or you wish to support road running in our province. The age of participants over the last few years has ranged from 10 to 80+. Our members come from all over the province, from Campbellton to St Andrews and all places in between. You'll meet lots of great people at the runs and receptions. Many of the RunNB events now include The Kids Series, a shorter distance, which is becoming very popular among kids as young as six years old. Last year thousands of runners participated in RunNB events.

How fast do RunNB members run?

There is no distinguishable average pace within our membership. Each person runs at their own desired pace. Whether your goal is 40 minutes or 60 minutes for a 10 km distance – the emphasis is on fun, personal improvement and meeting others with similar interests.

What are RunNB SuperSeries events?

To learn all about RunNB SuperSeries events click here.

If I'm not a fast runner, will I have a chance to win a prize or reward?

Absolutely! You may very well finish in the top three in your age category, making you eligible to be recognized at the annual awards banquet. Hope to see you there!

How do I get race results?

Most events will have results available after the race or you can later visit the RunNB's web site ( Most all of the RunNB's race results will be available on the web site.

Come join us and let's put RunNB on the "road to success”!