Past Presidents

1979- 1981

Leo Sheehy
Doaktown, NB

1982- ??

Jacques Lecouffe
Moncton, NB


Steve Scott
Fredericton, NB

1992 -1994

Phil Booker
Fredericton, NB


Paul Lavoie
Fredericton, NB

1996 –1997

Rick MacLean
Miramichi, NB


Phil Booker
Fredericton, NB 

2008- 2013

Gilles Gautreau
Rothesay, NB    

2013 – 2015

Brian Richard,
Miramichi, NB 

2015 – 2018

Rob Jackson
Fredericton, NB 

2018 - 2019

Mary Brosnan
Lorneville, NB

2019 -

Donald Wade
Tracadie, NB 


A bit of trivia….

Saturday, April 11, 1981        Moncton Times and Transcript

«The ultimate goal of competitive running is the marathon, which is defined as a run of 26 miles, 385 yards and has been since the Olympic games in London in 1904.  Before that, a run of anywhere from 25 to 28 miles was termed a marathon.  In 1904, the run was set up as a 26 mile one, until it became known that the Royal children wished to observe it, and then to accommodate them, the course had to be adjusted, and it came out to exactly 26 miles 385 yards, and that has been the official measure ever since. »

Other items to come such as photos of early races, the Championship Cup, booklets, early press releases & photos, etc.

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