Joe Richard

Joe Richard, who passed away in 2009 is to be honoured posthumously. Over a period of nearly sixty years, Joe Richard, excelled in boxing, skating, and as a runner, from 1932 to 1991.

He competed in numerous middle-distance and longer events, including three appearances at the Boston Marathon.

Joe was never the beneficiary of formal coaching, but trained vigorously and continuously on his own. Over his career Joe has been presented with more than 150 trophies, medals, ribbons, and certificates, and he was recognized as the pre-eminent middle-distance runner in the Maritimes during the 1950s.

Surely Joe's enduring claim to fame will be the longevity of his athletic career. Joe has established a long and distinguished record in distance running.

He is up there and competed against the legendary George Gallant in many races, winning his share.

RunNB is pleased to welcome Roger as the 14th member to our honoured Hall of Fame.

We welcome his wife Kay to come forward and accept this award.