Roger Levesque

Roger D. Levesque well known runner from Dalhousie Balmoral area has been running all his life.

He not only an accomplished runner but also excels in boxing, judo, scuba diving, down hill skiing and ski patrol.

Roger has run over 128 marathons including 15 Boston marathons in his running career, which dated back to 1984. He also ran numerous ½ marathons, 10k and 5 k races over his running career.

He moved to Balmoral in 1983 and got involved in Cross Country skiing, choose les Aventuriers x-c ski Charlo for his club. He was club president from 1990-91.

Besides running he was the first President of the Restigouche Road Runners in 1981.

He is still volunteering in many road races in the area and in 2006 he ran the Boston Marathon and raised $12,000 for a young cancer victim.

Roger is still running today and has qualified for his 16th Boston Marathon in 2015, even after being diagnosed with pulmonary embolism at the time.

RunNB is pleased to welcome Roger as the 14th member to our honoured Hall of Fame.