2019 Women's Running Summit- Julia Besner
October 27th, 2019

Presenter Profile: Julia Besner


Julia has been a runner and triathlete for 20 years and while her competitive years are over, her appreciation for what the body can achieve is still going strong. Nowadays, Julia can be seen at local races with a smile on her face enjoying the scenery. Physical activity is a great way to take some time to away from fast paced life, take some deep breaths and enjoy the great outdoors. Running is an awesome sport that brings people from all ages and abilities together.  

As a Registered Dietitian, Julia has been helping athletes fuel for every day life, training and competition for over a decade. Food is fuel and one of the biggest pleasures in life, so simplifying healthy eating for people is a very rewarding part of her profession. Julia is looking forward to meeting other passionate runners and engage in learning and discussion. She is also looking forward to passing on valuable knowledge about using food and eating as a self care tool.