2019 Women's Running Summit- Shawna Allaby
October 16th, 2019

Presenter Profile: Shawna Allaby


Shawna Allaby only just took to the pavement for road racing in 2017. That year was when runner’s high got into her system. 2018 was full of personal bests in almost every race, and Shawna latched onto first place in the Super Series for females 20-29 in NB. She went into 2019 with big goals and has reached many of them with the help of numerous runners, friends & family. For the second year in a row, the small-town girl will be holding first place in Super Series for women aged 20-29! She stands up for the fact that anyone is capable of achieving their goals, no matter what level they start at, and believes strongly in supporting her fellow runners. Shawna started with a no racing background & has shown what hard work and a positive attitude can do for a person!


Here's what Shawna had to say about the 2019 Women’s Running Summit: I feel very honoured to sit up front at the Women’s Running Summit. I am looking forward to meeting many runners & helping females find their inner warrior to conquer their dreams.