RunNB SuperSeries & Championship Races 2023

Among the attractive races on the RunNB calendar, a few are designated SuperSeries. This program aims at encouraging runners to register for these races in order to accumulate points for a provincial ranking. As the results are received at RunNB, the points thus cumulated are compiled and posted on the statistics web page of RunNB. Runners will be awarded points only for the SuperSeries designated distance. RunNB will double the SuperSeries points normally awarded for all Provincial Championships races.

RunNB appreciates Trackie's and the NB Medical Society's contribution to the 2023 SuperSeries program.

SuperSeries & Championnat RunNB Race Calendar for 2023






15Km de Grande-Digue

Grande-Digue NB


April 29

Super Series

Fredericton Marathon

Fredericton NB


May 14

Super Series & Prov Championship

10Km Chaleur

Beresford NB


June 10

Super Series

St Andrews 5 Miler

St Andrews NB


June 18

Super Series & Prov Championship

Claw Run

Shediac NB


July 2


Tim Hortons Joe McGuire Road Race

Woodstock NB


July 29


Run For Renee

Quispamsis NB


August 20

Super Series & Prov Championship

Hampton 5 miler

Hampton NB

5 miles

September 10


Dam Run

Perth-Andover NB


October 7

SuperSeries & Prov Championship

Legs for Literacy

Moncton NB


October 22

Super Series & Prov Championship

New in 2023

  • In order to qualify for a prize at the RunNB Annual Banquet, runners must participate in at least 3 SuperSeries races during the present year.

  • In order to reduce the expenses and avoid the waste of unclaimed medals, the number of age categories will go from 8 to 6 categories.

  • RunNB will provide Race Directors of each SuperSeries the medals awarded to the first three positions, male and female in each of the six age categories (19 & less, 20-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70 +). The RunNB Executive Director will send the medals to the Race directors prior to the race.

  • A new ranking method was determined for the final positions. From now on, at the end of the running season, the number of races completed by a runner will be multiplied by the number of points he or she cumulated in order to determine the final ranking for prizes awarded at the RunNB Annual Banquet.

  • In the case when two or many runners have equal standings at the end of the season, the runner with the fastest time at the 10 km distance will be declared the winner.

  • All runners will remain in their age category that they started the season, based on his or her age on December 31 of the current year.

2023 SuperSeries Ranking

SuperSeries Score = (Sum of SuperSeries Score per race completed x Number of races completed)

Points are calculated based on the position of the runners in their respective categories (see the list of categories below). At the end of the racing season, the number of races completed by a runner will be multiplied by the number of points he or she has accumulated to determine the final ranking for the prizes awarded at the gala. In case two or more runners have equal points at the end of the series, the runner with the best time over a distance of 10km will be the winner. All runners will remain in the age category in which they start the season, based on their age on December 31 of the current year.

Age categories

Men & Women: 19 & under, 20-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+

SuperSeries Scores

* Points will be doubled for SuperSeries races which are also designated as Provincial Championship races.

1st = 50 pts       13th = 22 pts     25th = 10 pts

2nd = 45 pts      14th = 21 pts     26th = 09 pts

3rd = 40 pts      15th = 20 pts     27th = 08 pts

4th = 35 pts      16th = 19 pts     28th = 07 pts

5th = 30 pts      17th = 18 pts     29th = 06 pts

6th = 29 pts      18th = 17 pts     30th = 05 pts

7th = 28 pts      19th = 16 pts     31st = 04 pts

8th = 27 pts      20th = 15 pts     32nd = 03 pts

9th = 26 pts      21st = 14 pts     33rd = 02 pts

10th = 25 pts     22nd = 13 pts    34th = 01 pts

11th = 24 pts     23rd = 12 pts    35th = 00 pts

12th = 23 pts     24th = 11 pts

Criteria for the SuperSeries race

In order for your race to have the SuperSeries status, organizers must meet the following requirements:

  1. If your event has several distances, only one distance can be designated SuperSeries. Therefore, you have to decide which distance you want to apply for. All distances, from the mile to the marathon are eligible.

  2. You have to ensure that the course is measured accurately. In order to have an accurate measure, you can use a GPS, a calibrated wheel or any other calibrated mechanism, A car odometer is not precise enough to measure a course but it can be used to measure the course approximately. The bicycle odometer can be used if it is calibrated with a distance measured with precision. It is not necessary to have the course certified by Athletics Canada.

  3. RunNB will provide race directors of each SuperSeries race the medals awarded to the three first positions,, male and female in the six age categories (19 & less, 20-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70 et plus). The RunNB Executive Director will send the medals to the race director prior to the race.

  4. RunNB will ensure that there are never two races of this program on the same date to allow runners who want to participate in all of them to do so.

  5. See Day Fee on Policy Page link: