Event of the Year

The Event of the Year for 2010 goes to the Hampton Five Miler, which is truly a small town success story.

The Hampton race celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2010.

There are many reasons why this event was chosen as RunNB's Event of the Year. A great part of its success is a strong community organization. The event committee draws a good part of their volunteers' base from the Hampton River Runners, a local running club with a vibrant membership.

For ten years, the Hampton Five Miler has had no problem finding willing candidates for the important position of Race Director. Daryl Travis (2000-2004), Brock Reid (2005-2006), Lloyd English (2007-2008) and Jeremy Fry (2009-2010) have all successfully taken the role of race director. This rotation of the lead organizer has permitted the event to build on its strong foundation and continue to improve year after year.

Another secret to the event's success is the highly attended kids run. This makes it an activity in which the whole family can partake.

In 2001, the first year, the event attracted 150 runners and over the next nine years we've seen a progressive growth. This year was no exception with a record number of participants with 526 between the kid's 1Km run and the 5-miler.

Event organizers would say to have a winning organization needs a good corporate partnership. The Hampton road race has succeeded in obtaining key sponsors and this can be observed in the many banners of familiar companies posted along the finish line and reception.

And finally, the Hampton Five Miler does not only attract the masses, it also draws NB's finest distance runners, giving the event prestige and excellence.

Congratulations to the Hampton Five Miler committee!

Gilles Gautreau
President of RunNB

PHOTO: Hampton Five Miler Race Directors, L. to R.: Darrell Travis (2001-2004), Jeremy Fry (2009-2010) and Lloyd English (2007-2008), absent Brock Reid (2005-2006)

  Female Runner of the Year

Paula Keating of Miramichi

Paula Keating of Miramichi won the Female Runner of the Year award for Run NB for the second year in a row Keating has been awarded the top female honor for running in the province.
She just returned home in late October from winning the Detroit Marathon in a time of 2:52.14.  The 44-year-old family physician who has been running for only five years beat her nearest competitor by almost six minutes.

 In doing so she crushed her own provincial record by almost five minutes.  She is the only female runner ever to break the three-hour marathon (26.2 mile) barrier in New Brunswick history. 

Last November in New York she came onto the scene with a 2:58:01 marathon then in April of this year at the famous Boston Marathon she lowered her record to 2:57:53. Now she dropped it again to 2:52.14 in only her third marathon.  She finished 21st overall in the race that had over 4,000 runners.

 Keating excels in more than just the marathon as she won what is called Run for the Cycle.  It is five different road races starting with the 5km, 5 mile, 10km, half marathon and full marathon.

In all five disciplines she placed first in each event. In the 5km distance her time of 17:43 was better than her next competitor who had a 20:09 time.  In the five-mile event she shattered the New Brunswick record by 33 seconds winning in 29.26.  Only two women ever have broken the 30-minute standard.

In the 10km race her time of 36.36 is almost 5 minutes better than her nearest competitor.  The half marathon is no different as her time of 1:22.40 is over 10 minutes better than the second place finisher.  Her total time is 5:38:39, which gave her a 50-minute cushion over the runner up.

Compare her times to the men, in the same distances, and she would have placed third overall.  She beat the third place male in every category.

On the local front Keating won her fifth consecutive Miramichi River Runner jacket going to the top female runner in the area. She gained the maximum 500 points over 10 races.       

PHOTO: Brian Richard presents the 2010 Female Runner of the Year to Paula Keating

  Male Runner of the Year

Dean Strowbridge of Saint John

Dean is one of the hardest working men in showbiz - I mean running. His determination and strong training ethic have made him what he is today - a great runner and a role model in the running community.

When the committee was deciding on this award, we considered three main aspects - Participation, Excellence and Spirit.

Dean Strowridge not only excelled in all of these categories, but added a few more such as sportsmanship, perserverance and self improvement.

Participation - Dean was on a mission this year. For his final year in the 30-39 age category - he wanted top spot. To achieve this he raced in 15 superseries races and finished FIRST in his age group in every race. Not to mention he won many of them outright as well. Nine of the 15 to be exact.

Excellence - as I just mentioned, Dean raced and won many races this year and amassed the most points of all Super Series participants with an unheard total of 950 points. This represents over 100 points more than any other runner and over double the second place finisher in his age group.

Dean also set Personal Best times this year - for the 5k - 15:57, for the half marathon 1:14:54 to go along with his 33:25 minute 10k and 27:25 minute 8k times.

Spirit - Dean has proven that he is a dedicated athlete, a tremendous ambassador of the sport, is humble in his accomplishments and respectful and supportive of his peers. If you were to meet him on the street, you would never know he is such a talented runner - unless you tried to steal something from him - then you`d find out pretty quickly.

Dean is always a motivator of other runners and inspires us all to do our best.

Despite his cool, collected demeanour - when Dean turns around his San Francisco 49ers hat and toes the start line - look out.

PHOTO: Male Runner of the Year award presented to Dean Strowbridge by Marta Kelly.

 Up and Coming Female Runner of the Year    Up and Coming Male Runner of the Year

Tanya Johnson of Fredericton

Tanya was nowhere to be seen on the running circuit last year but started out this year with an impressive sub 4 hour marathon in Fredericton in May. Since then she ran 11 races improving all of her times throughout the season capping it off with a 3:38 full marathon (on a much hillier course) in October. Tanya finished third in the Run for the Cycle and first overall in her age group with eight first place results in her age group.



Jim Johnson of Fredericton

While Jim ran a few races in 2009, he really started to shine in 2010. Compared to 2009 - he has lowered his 5k time by almost a whole minute, his 8k time by 2 minutes, his 10k time by almost 3 minutes and, most impressively, his marathon time currently ranks him 8th overall in the province. Jim also finished 3rd overall in Run for the Cycle.


  Personal Achievement Award

Raymond Caissie of Richibucto

PHOTO: Personal Achievement Award presented to Raymond Caissie.

  Inspirational Person of the Year

Daryl Steeves of Saint John

Last year I was lucky enough to be up here presenting the Inspirational Runner of the Year award to my Dad. This year I am grateful to again to be able to honour one of the icons of the running community in New Brunswick.

Most runners here and throughout the province have heard the name Daryl Steeves. Daryl is one of the unsung heroes in our community. He volunteers countless hours in support of running and walking in New Brunswick.

Not only is he a runner, he has been coaching track in Saint John for at least 10 years. Every Tuesday, rain or shine Daryl takes runners from all levels through a tough workout. Just when you are hoping that the torrential downpour will cause Daryl to cancel, he arrives in his raincoat ready to put us through our paces. My favourite memories when we ask what the workout is and Daryl says - WE are doing 8 by 800 metres - then adds - and by WE I mean YOU. Somehow - it's never the same workout twice.

He also has year-round (free) training in K Park for all levels of running. In most cases he trains with this group to "practice what he preaches". One night running in the winter Daryl slipped on the ice and landed face up. As we ran to check on him he uttered - I see stars. We were freaking out until he said - yeah - I see lots of them, the moon too - check it out - as he pointed to the clear winter sky.

Daryl will provide training programs and advice to anyone who asks (anywhere in the province I might add). This includes runners, tri-athletes and race directors. Whenever anyone has a running question, the most often heard response is "ask Daryl".

Daryl has helped out with Marathon By The Sea, Run through History and many other races and was the race director for Do it for Dad. He also supports the running community through his website On the Run and through his weekly column in the Telegraph Journal.

This past year Daryl participated in many races including a 5k and half Marathon in Tampa, the Brent Kelly Memorial in April and the Canada Day race in Grand Bay.

Most recently, Daryl was part of a lifesaving effort at Hampton 5-miler. Daryl immediately went to the aid of a fallen runner and quickly began to administer CPR along with another runner. It was thanks to their efforts that this gentleman survived. After the ambulance drove away, true to form, Daryl quietly completed the course and took no credit for this heroic feat.

So Daryl, for your constant motivation, perseverance, and support to the running community - we are honoured to present you with this prestigious award.

PHOTO: Inspirational Person of the Year award presented to Daryl Steeves by Marta Kelly.

  Walker of the Year

Bob Bardsley of Saint John

PHOTO: Walker of the Year presented to Bob Bardsley by Daryl Steeves.


  Guest Speaker

Guest speaker / invité: Patty Blanchard