2023 RunNB's Awards Banquet - Miramichi


Donald Wade

RunNB Chairperson

This year, RunNB continued to offer quality events to runners on its calendar thanks to the numerous race directors, organizers and their teams. Our motto, ‘For a Healthier New Brunswick’, is still front and center in the actions that will guide our organization forward. RunNB wants to engage the maximum number of runners and walkers in its activities, whether they be competitive runners or recreational runners/walkers and thus help maintain them in good health and fit, both physically and mentally.

The New Brunswick running community is vibrant and healthy. RunNB will continue to help race directors/organizers in putting on great running events. RunNB will also help develop new races and running clubs in all corners of the province. We are very grateful to the race directors and their teams for offering quality events and thus allow runners to put their skills to the test throughout the year.

We urge runners from all regions of this province to register for and travel to those events. We have confidence that 2024 will be a great running year with an increase in the numbers for all our programs!

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NB Records set in 2023

Distance Record Breaker Age Cat Mark Date Location Old Mark Previous Holder
- --   - --   - - -
Distance Record Breaker Age Cat Mark Date Location Old Mark Previous Holder
21.1K Lee Wesselius 29 20-29 1:04:17 12FE2023 Vancouver, BC 1:07:24 Lee Wesselius
Marathon Lee Wesselius 29 20-29 2:14:39 14OC2023 Valley Cottage, NY 2:16:37 Lee Wesselius

Note: Lee Wesselius records are best overall times. Click to see all NB Records

2023 Trackie & NB Medical Society SuperSeries Winners

Click link to view photos of the Top 3 winners of each category.

Event of the Year

The Claw Run Shediac, NB

This race is in its 2nd year on the RunNB calendar, taking over from the iconic 10 km George Gallant race. It is part of the Shediac Lobster Festival activities and it was well-attended this year, attracting 200 runners. The start/finish in the large lobster cage was really cool, and the numerous volunteers were very helpful and welcoming.

Although there still may be some kinks to work out, the race directors are promising to improve and come up with an even better event in 2024.

Event of the Year

Photo above: 2nd Annual Claw Run of Shediac, NB is the 2023 Event of the Year Photo above: Michel Robichaud, RunNB Treasurer presents Estelle Johnston the 2023 Event of the Year award. (Photo by Brian Richard)

Male Runner of the Year

Evan Arsenault - Quispamsis, NB

Having won first position in his age category for all his RunNB races, Evan was also first overall in many of his races.

He has run four of the five Open Championship races, always placing top 3 in these competitive events.

RunNB is proud to present Evan Arsenault with the Male Runner of the Year Award for 2023.

Evan running in the Medavie 5K in September 2022. [Photo by: Gilles Gautreau] Evan with his daughter and Dean Strowbridge in September 2023. [Photo by: Unknown] Donald Wade (L) Chairperson of RunNB presents Evan Arsenault, 2023 Male Runner of the Year award. [Photo by: Brian Richard]

Female Runner of the Year

Julia Reid-Howell - Fredericton, NB

Julia has had a breakout year, demonstrated by her many personal bests, race victories and first place in a number of the Open Championships. Finishing in 1st position female at the 5 km Championship Run for Renee, at the 5-miler Championship in Hampton and at the 10 km Championship at the Dam Run. Julia also had the best half marathon times with 1:27:23 at the Fredericton Marathon, the best 10km time in 38:22 at Dam Run, the best 5-mile in 31:09 in Hampton and the best 5 km at the Fall Classic.

The Fredericton runner demonstrates a high commitment to running and Julia is appreciated by her fellow runners.

RunNB is proud to name Julia Reid-Howell as 2023 Female Runner of the Year.

Julia at the start of the Fall Classic 5K in September 2023. [Photo by: Paul Jordon] Julia running the Run For Renee 5K in August 2023. [Photo by: Unknown] Michel Robichaud (L) Treasurer of RunNB presents Julia Reid-Howell, 2023 Female Runner of the Year award. [Photo by: Brian Richard]

Up and Coming Female Runner of the Year

Amy Caissie - Six Roads, NB

Amy competed in 12 RunNB calendar races this year and she achieved some impressive results. The 18-year-old athlete, ran the 10 km Chaleur in 44:06, the 5 km Arlene Donaher in 20:03, the Demi-marathon de l’Acadie in 1:37:34 in November. 

Caissie has a promising running career and the right attitude to improve her performances.

RunNB is pleased to recognize Amy Caissie as the 2023 Up and Coming Female Runner of the Year.

Amy Caissie, winner of the Up and Coming Female Runner of the Year. [Photo by: Norma MacLean] Amy running in Miramichi 10K in May 2023. [Photo by: Norma MacLean] Michel Robichaud (L) Treasurer of RunNB presenting Amy Caissie with RunNB jacket for winning 19&< SuperSeries . [Photo by: Brian Richard]

Up and Coming Male Runner of the Year

Mathieu Hébert - Moncton, NB

Mathieu competed in 7 RunNB calendar races this year. He finished first at the April Demi-marathon de l’Acadie in 1:15:40 and at the Brian Richard 5 km in April in 16:01. He finished third at the 42.2 km in Fredericton in 2:48:51 and at the St Andrews’s 5 km in 28:45. He ran the 10 km Chaleur in 35:07.

Hébert is a very competitive and committed runner and he will certainly improve his times in the coming years.

RunNB is pleased to recognize Mathieu as the 2023 Up and Coming Male Runner of the Year

Mathieu running the Miramichi's Brian Richard 5K in April 2023. [Photo by: Norma MacLean] Mathieu running the 15Km Grande-Digue in April 2023. [Photo by: Norma Maclean] Suzanne Myers (L) RunNB Race Coordinator presenting Mathieu Hébert with the Up and Coming Male Runner of the Year award . [Photo by: Brian Richard]

Personal Achievement Award

Steve Dohaney - Fredericton, NB

Steve suffered from a number of heart issues several years ago, which could have completely ended his running career. But instead, he made a number of lifestyle changes which he adheres to diligently and he bounced back strongly and successfully, achieving many remarkable race results. The 62-year-old runner competed in a wide variety of Run NB calendar races and marathons around the world.

He recently ran a near personal best of 3:10: 16 at the 2023 Berlin marathon. He has placed 3rd male in this year's Run for the Cycle.

Steve is a very passionate runner who is always up to share advice.

RunNB is pleased to recognize Steve's impressive times and winning the 2023 Personal Achievement Award.

Steve running the Miramichi's 5 Miler in June 2023 [Photo by: Norma MacLean]  Steve running in 430e Demi-marathon d'Acadie in August 2023. [Photo by: Guy Lanctot] Nathalie Boivin (L) RunNB Secretary presenting Steve Dohaney with the 2023 Personal Achievement Award. [Photo by: Brian Richard]

Sylvio Bourque Memorial Award (Inspirational Person)

Sébastien Godin - Moncton, NB

After losing more than 100 lbs with the help of running, Sebastien has become not only a runner, but a competitive one. He has 9 races to his credit this year and achieved 2nd male position at the 10 km Championship at the Dam Run. He raced all distances except the 15 km.

He may not be the fastest runner in the province but he certainly deserves recognition for his performances. He has run the most races in his age category, including running every distance of race. He is an encourager and supporter to everyone, a strong ambassador of running, always going to social runs and volunteering for local races when he is not running.

You can read his inspiring story at www.runnb.ca/inspiring-stories/s-bastien-godin/17/.

RunNB is proud to recognize Sébastien Godin as the 2023 Inspirational Person of the Year now called Sylvio Bourque Memorial Award for his stamina, his ability to maintain good health and his sociability.

Sébastien running in the 2023 August Run for Renee. [Photo by: Unknown]  Sébastien seen here at the Joe McGuire Road Race in July 2023. [Photo by: Unknown] Suzanne Myers (L) RunNB Race Coordinator presenting Sébastien Godin with the 2023 Syvio Bourque Memorial Award (Inspirational Person) . [Photo by: Brian Richard]

2023 RunNB Outstanding Contributors

James Hoyt and Maureen Daigle

James Hoyt & Maureen Daigle

These two running friends inspire so many runners just to participate and have fun. You don’t see one without out the other. Between them they will have done 97 races in 2023. At each race, they are smiling and cheering on others to do their best.

Maureen has done 22 races this year with 7 more to do in 2023. She has done 47 races/runs in total in 2023, including the 22 races, 4 Sufferance Series endurance races, 5 - 5 kms & IPAs Race Series and 16 Park Runs in 2023, 53 since it started. Maureen has volunteered 9 times at Park Run.

James has done 26 races this year, with 7 more to do in 2023. He has done 50 races/runs in total in 2023, including the 26 races, 3 Sufferance Series endurance races, 5 - 5 km & IPAs Race Series, and 16 Park Runs in 2023, 54 Park Runs since it started. He has volunteered 13 times at Park Run.

We thank them for the unwavering commitment to running.

Congratulations James and Maureen for being this year's Outstanding Contributors

James and Maureen seen running in the Mactaquac Trail Run. [Photo source: Facebook]  James and Maureen seen here at the Miramichi Rock N Run in 2022. [Photo source: Facebook] Bruce MacFarlanne (L) RunNB Committee Member presenting James Hoyt and Maureen Daigle (absent) with the 2023 RunNB Outstanding Contributors . [Photo by: Brian Richard]

Run For The Cycle

Sacha Hourihan and Mathieu Hébert are the champions of Run For The Cycle for 2023!

Sacha had a strong performance in all five standard distances (5K, 8K, 10K, 21.1K and Marathon) finishing with a combined time of 6:07:55 over seven minutes faster than her next competitor.

Mathieu was the overall winner in this year's Run For The Cycle in an overall time of 5:24:23. His strong performance in the half and full marathon was the factor that separated him from his closest competitor 

Male: Mathieu Hébert - Moncton, NB / Female: Sacha Hourihan, Sussex Corner, NB 

Mathieu Hébert, 2023 male winner of Run For The Cycle Image of Run For The Cycle Sacha Hourihan, 2023 female winner of Run For The Cycle

The 2023 RunNB NB Challenge

RunNB launched the RunNB 2023 New Brunswick Challenge  last December.  The Challenge included 1200km loops of New Brunswick allowing runners and walkers to challenge themselves to cover the 1200km loop distance or more over a 12-month period.

Marcelle Breau, of Tracadie, the top winner of the 2023 RunNB Challenge, managed to cover over 7000km. Her husband, Jean-Marie, finished second with 6000 plus km to his credit. Marcelle and Jean-Marie Breau both ran over 20 RunNB events and many training runs to total more than three loops around the province of NB.

Fred Green and Nora Bath of St Andrews and Grand Manan respectively finished third and fourth in the NB Challenge. Both Charlotte County runners completed three loops of NB running over 5000km. Odette Légère of Tracadie finished 5th also running three loops of the NB Challenge.

Top 5 of The NB Challenge

Pos Name Residence Prov Cat F/M Distance
1 Marcelle Breau Tracadie NB 60-69 F 7074 Km
2 Jean-Marie Breau Tracadie NB 70-79 M 5831 Km
3 Fred Green St Andrews NB 70-79 M 5212 Km
4 Nora Bath Grand Manan NB 70-79 F 5035 Km
5 Odette Légère Tracadie NB 60-69 F 4593 Km
Full Results


Banquet Photos & Award Winners Photos

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