2014 Annual Report

We believe our success depends on our ability to connect with runners by providing them with a wide variety of races to meet their desires, needs and lifestyles. Our success further depends on the ability to execute effectively, every race.

A number of good things happened in RunNB in 2014, the joint project “Small Strides, Healthy Lives enabled us to purchase over 3000 medals, around the same as in 2013. Each child under the age of 14 was given a medal for completing specific races around the province.

We can’t thank the NB Medical Society enough in providing the financial support for this project.  Without them we would struggle to provide the youth with this great project.  It’s a win-win project.

Top highlights from 2014

1.    Our numbers continue to grow with 16,202 runners up from 15,900. In just under 100 races.

2.    The Medical Society medal program went from 2640 in 2013 to 2810 this year. Their financial assistance of $10,000 is a win-win.

3.    Some adjustments to the Super Series had to be made during the year..

4.    A new Elite program had its roots this year with nine races.

5.    Our finances at this time appear to be on track.

6.    The Timex series has been discontinued.

7.    Our proposed Race Directors meeting didn’t materialize as planned.

8.    We assisted two runners Lee Roy and Paul Gallant to take part in the Timex Canada 10km in Toronto.  We gave each of them $500.

9.    Garth Miller received $200 to attend a running summit in Toronto.

10.We are going in a new direction with our Executive Director on a three-year plan, with ANB.

11.We ended the year with a small surplus of $3902

12.Our Hall of Fame Banquet & Awards night in Beresford drew a record crowd of 142